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Once upon a time, we were growing EPP, but now we realize that EPP is growing all of us.

This work wants to happen. We are a small but innovative and collaborative team of committed people on a leading edge of what we know is absolutely necessary: “freeing people all over the world from the prisons of our own making.” We are seeking market leaders who demonstrate not merely an interest in our mission, but a passion for it. If you have a desire to see EPP programming local to you, please contact us.

Our Team


Laura Valtonen

Director EPP Finland, EPP Guide

Laura Valtonen comes from a solid lineage of Enneagram master teachers and began her own studies in 2007 with Dr. David Daniels. Laura says: “I have an undying love for the study of human nature, whether through anthropology, social work or the Enneagram.” She is a certified Enneagram teacher in her own right and Board Member of Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition (EANT). Laura is also the current president of the International Enneagram Association (IEA), Finland. Armed with a degree in social sciences from the University of Helsinki and her Type Four idealism, in 2014 Laura met EPP Ambassadors after an inspired presentation in the United States and left determined to expand the mission of Enneagram Prison Project in her hometown in Helsinki. Under the auspices of HelsinkiMissio, a social NGO, she launched EPP Finland in 2016 as EPP’s first international affiliate. In addition to facilitating in prison and developing EPP Finland, she teaches the narrative curriculum as part of a dedicated team. Laura currently lives in Helsinki and is the mother of two children whom she adores.


Hannu Iskanius

EPP Guide

Hanuu works as a coach and business partner at Coaching Institute Finland providing coaching and training for individuals and organizations. Coaching Institute’s mission is to work for a better society: Positive emotions bring positive thoughts. Positive action brings positive outcomes. Hanuu says: “I’m honored to be part of the Enneagram Prison Project and to be able to help those incarcerated to find their path back to their families and society. Irrespective of the fact that bad things happen in one’s life, there is always hope for a better life.”


Liisa Lehtosalo-Iskanius

EPP Guide

Liisa currently works as coach and trainer at Coaching Institute Finland where she trains people in leadership, self-knowledge, and mindfulness. Liisa says: “I believe that best way to develop the world is to develop myself. The understanding of how to develop oneself is what I love to spread among the people with whom I work in the world.”

Liisa was a foundational partner with EPP Finland from the start, co-teaching the pilot program at Hämeenlinna Women’s Prison alongside EPP Director Laura Valtonen. An Enneagram Type 8 who leads with the secret weapon of her own compelling vulnerability, Liisa sharesInline image 1: “I know that everyone has the good inside of them, I have seen it.”


Reeta Lehtiniemi

EPP Guide

I am a M.Sc in Economics, Integral Professional Coach®, Enneagram Teacher and a Solution Focused Therapist passionate about human development, helping people grow through self-awareness and to see themselves with new, more appreciating eyes. I currently work in the field of business coaching and employee wellbeing and am very happy and proud of being also involved in the important work of Enneagram Prison Project in Finland.

Why meaningful?
Knowing and having experienced myself how enneagram can change lives, I want to spread the good and contribute to a cause that is really important and meaningful to me.


Tommi Lehtiniemi

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I am a B.Sc in Economics, Enneagram Teacher, Certified Progress Coach and currently beside my work also studying to be a Solution-Focused Practioner. My background is in sales and business development and I currently work as a Sales Director focusing in leadership, where my coaching skills and enneagram knowledge are very useful. Helping others by work with Enneagram Prison Project is personally very important to me.

Why EPP is meaningful? EPP teaches about self-awereness, acceptance and self-respect that release inner pain. I believe there is nothing more important than coming home to yourself.

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