Supporting EPP Ambassadors

Creating Ways for the Community to Support the Formerly Incarcerated to Pursue Ongoing Study, and for Some to become Certified Enneagram Teachers In Their Own Right

Introducing the several, very special individuals who inspired us to continue this work and to have launched the EPP Ambassador Program. A program for those who fall in love with this work on the inside and who want to continue it, on the outside. We believe that anything we might hope to say about "the theory" behind bringing the Enneagram to prison reform pales in comparison to hearing what someone who has done hard time and who has applied the Enneagram could offer. We know a little bit about this population we hope to serve, but truly, these men are the guiding light and have much to teach those of us who want to help.

We share this with each of you...before Susan went to prison she imagined herself to be much more open-minded about the people she'd find there than she actually was. She tells us how surprised, how blown away actually that she was, by the humanity she found within prison walls. Witnessing the projections and assumptions she  made (and continues to find herself sometimes making) and that others so innocently make about inmates was and ishumbling and eye-opening.

It has been an incredible few years, since our inception, for the Enneagram Prison Project. To take you back to the beginning, In the summer of 2013, we welcomed two inspirations, two formerly incarcerated Enneagram enthusiasts, into the fold as our first EPP Ambasssadors. As we bore witness to their stories at the IEA Global Conference in Denver, Colorado, Clay Tumey and Elam Chance brought down the house with their raw and compelling narratives. Their honest message, that the Enneagram is indeed a profound tool for self-transformation from the “inside out,” has struck a deep chord with open-hearted folks – like yourselves – all over the world.

<< If you missed Denver, you can catch-up by reading an archived newsletter, click here. >>

Men like Clay and Elam, and now include in that list Victor Soto, Alex Senegal, Jeff Limon, Willy Williams, Chad Christ, Diem Ho and several others, who have taken the Enneagram teaching to heart, are the future of the Enneagram Prison Project. They have expressed a tenacity for self-inquiry, they “did their time” and are hard at work figuring out what got them to prison in the first place. If this only lowered the recidivism rate, their efforts would be absolutely worthwhile, but these guys also now bring a level of credibility to EPP that is simply rocket fuel. They are the hope, and, as such, they are an invaluable asset to our organization.

Several EPP Ambassadors are in the process of furthering their Enneagram studies in order to give back to the Enneagram Prison Project. Clay Tumey completed Part I, II, and III of the Enneagram Institute’s certification program and is now in his final stages of certification, Jeff LImon and Alex Senegal are well on their way as well, all three of these men have "teacher" on their hearts and have been inspiring others since their release. Elam Chance completed Week One of the Palmer-Daniels training and is working hard to rebuild his life.

Click here to read Elam's powerful recounting of his experience in the Enneagram Intensive 2.0 training, held in Menlo Park, California, as shared by David Daniels.

EPP has, these past three years, developed relationships with the San Mateo County Sherriff's Office, the Office of the Sherrif Santa Clara County, and San Quentin State Prison, local to our headquarters in Northern California. We now teach approximately 250 currently incarcerated men and women per week in EPP’s eight- to twelve-week Enneagram Self-Awareness Training Programs. Graduates from these programs will eventually be released back into society. Several have expressed interest in continuing their Enneagram studies and hope to work with EPP in the future. By investing in future EPP's hopefuls, we are preparing the most credible, compassionate motivators and speakers to support the next generation of formerly incarcerated men and women and their families.

What Margaret Mead already knew, and I have just dared to hope, is steadily making itself apparent: It only takes a few committed people to change the world.

The Enneagram system, a critical missing piece in criminal reform, can be brought to those who need it, one jail, one prison at a time. It is absolutely taking a village, and boy do we have one!

What we don't have are infinite financial resources to fund this monumental effort. Please consider supporting our program by making a contribution to our organization today.


Support the potential of these future spokespersons, inspirers, and teachers. It WILL take the whole Village, and we do believe it's worth it.

Contributions to the EPP Scholarship Program are dedicated 100% to scholarship recipients' education and certification as Enneagram teachers. For more information, contact us:408 829 1807 or email us at: [email protected].

Your contributions go a very long way and have far-reaching impact; we cannot thank you enough.

Working together, we can make a much needed difference.