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The EPP Ambassadors...EPP's Devotion to Cultivating a New Generation of Specialized Enneagram Volunteers in Service, Spokespersons, and Enneagram Teachers

The EPP Ambassadors are those individuals who learned the Enneagram, thanks to an EPP Program on the inside, and decided to continue their studies upon release. Those individuals with an expressed desire for personal transformation as well as a desire to bring this work to those behind bars, and who have a solid capacity for this work, go on to pursue Enneagram Teacher Certification, on scholarship with EPP and its certifying school partners.

As a part of this pursuit, EPP invites these exemplary students to become EPP Ambassadors, which includes acting as a speaker and supporter of EPP’s vision to community and to bring the Enneagram to those behind bars and those in re-entry. EPP is dedicated to building a unique workforce of teachers who have been there, on the inside, and have used the Enneagram as a tool for transformation, self-awareness development, and to build lives that lead to far more fulfilling futures.


In Order to Change the World, We Must First Do the Work that Changes Ourselves

Susan presented the EPP Vision alongside a recounting of her very own journey inward across several speeches made in 2014. It was in fact the incarcerated that gave her the courage and impetus she needed to take that even closer look inside, the one that led to her to the toughest lesson of all, the one of self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Listen to Susan's re-compiled and recorded 2014 presentation by clicking here >>

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Susan Olesek and EPP Ambassador Victor Soto

Susan Olesek and the Enneagram Prison Project's Vic Soto presented online this past year as part of the SHIFT NETWORK GLOBAL SUMMIT.

The recording is available here, for EPP listeners. >>

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During Susan's session presentation at the Global Summit, she will be interviewing Victor Soto, a 37-year-old, currently incarcerated, Type 9 man who has spent the last 16 years of his life in and out of California's correctional system. For the last six months, Vic has been an avid participant in one of Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) programs for the incarcerated while he completes his current jail sentence. Victor will speak to the pivotal role the Enneagram has played in his personal awakening and how this system is a critical missing piece in criminal reform.

The recording is now online for free, to all EPP listeners. >> Click here to listen to the full audio recording. <<


Inspired by the Inspired, A Heartfelt Thank You from Clay Tumey, EPP Ambassador


Teaching the Enneagram in a Texas Prison

Right after having certified as an Enneagram teacher, Susan Olesek found herself doing time inside a Texas correctional facility, where imprisoned men were asked to apply the transformational power of the Enneagram system and experience profound, life-changing results. All of us unknowingly fall into the habituated patterns of "personality," a virtual prison in which we repeatedly find ourselves, and suffer when we do. The way out of our trap, our personal liberation, is an extraordinary process that begins within. Interestingly, when it comes to the path to freedom, Susan found that the incarcerated to be the most amazing of teachers.



Working together, we did in fact make a much needed difference.