Q: I have taken all of the required courses for certification through The Enneagram Institute (EI) or Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT), but I have not yet completed my certification. Am I still eligible?
A: While we will assess each application individually, we encourage students to complete certification from an accredited school prior to enrolling in this training, or they may do so concurrently. EPP relies on our partnering schools for Enneagram studies and certification; our training program is not in lieu of this valuable training.

Q: Will EPP Ambassadors be present during this training?
A: Yes, we will be joined by graduates of our in-custody programs, some of whom are EPP Ambassadors who are on the teacher-track themselves, and others who will support EPP in assessing an EPP Guides’ readiness for in-prison apprenticeships.

Q: Are there payment plans available for this program?
A: Yes, participants may pay tuition up front, or make four monthly installments with payment in-full made prior to the in-person practicum.

Q: What happens after this training? Will I be able to teach for EPP then?
A: Upon completion of this training we hope and expect that participants will be ready to apprentice with EPP in a prison/jail classroom where EPP is contracted to program. We anticipate that some people will feel more “ready” than others and differ in their need for support given things like range of experience with group facilitation, familiarity in working within the field of corrections, length of Enneagram study and overall maturity and development.

Q: What is an “EPP Apprentice?” How long is someone an apprentice before they are able to become an EPP Teacher?
A: The EPP Apprentice role is designed to support a modulated transition for participants from the training program into the EPP Guide role where they are solely responsible for EPP students and the management of the class. Some EPP Apprentices have required and/or requested more than one 8-week session of an EPP classes in order to make this transition before having the confidence to hold a classroom on their own. For others, the apprenticeship period provided a reassuring transition where they could co-teach with an existing EPP instructor who acted as a touchstone for them as they got comfortable with the EPP curriculum and the prison/jail environment. Our goal is for the EPP Apprenticeship to be completed within two programming cycles in jail/prison. Our program cycles range from 8 to 12 to 16 weeks.

Q: What if EPP is not programming in a facility near me? Should I wait to take this training?
A: The EPP TTP is intended to support the scaling of our programs into new facilities offering in-custody programming as well as reentry services both here in the United States and internationally. We encourage you to complete this training in order to make yourself available as a future resource for EPP to dispatch to a new or existing facility. EPP currently has more demand for our classes than we have resources. If there are no facilities near you that are currently contracted with EPP, we invite you to help us to contact us to see about starting an EPP Chapter local to you.

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