Q: What is the structure for the training and how much does the training cost?

A: The EPP Guide Training Program (EPP GTP) consists of three parts:

  1. 4-weeks of online classes (27 hours of training, see schedule on EPP website)
  2. 4-5 days of an in-person practicum including one-day teaching in prison/jail to in-custody EPP students
  3. An 8-week unpaid in-jail/prison apprenticeship with an EPP Certified Guide

TUITION $2,450: Tuition includes online training, the practicum course, and apprenticeship including video recordings of all training sessions and a 100+ page instruction manual. Tuition does not include transportation, food, or accommodations for the 4-day in-person training.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Estimated costs for in-person 4-day California bay area training which includes 4 nights accommodations, facility fee, and food for the complete session:

  • $650 – 750 single
  • $550-650 double
  • $325-425 commuter

Depending on availability, more nights may be arranged at an additional cost.

TRANSPORTATION: Uber of Lyft is the suggested transportation from airport to 1440 Multiversity, 800 Bethany Drive, Scotts Valley, CA  95066. 1-844-544-1440. If flying, San Jose International Airport (SJC) is recommended for proximity to 1440 Multiversity – 27 miles. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is also an option – 55 miles to 1440 Multiversity.

Q: Do I need to be a certified Enneagram teacher to apply?

A: We are not teaching basic Enneagram theory in the EPP-GTP. We rely on teachers who come with a very strong, advanced understanding of the Enneagram and who have done significant personal work on themselves. While we will assess each application individually, we strongly prefer applicants who have completed certification from an International Enneagram Association (IEA) accredited school in the US, or a recognized international Enneagram school prior to enrolling in this training. In the United States EPP relies on the IEA accredited schools with whom we partner for Enneagram studies and certification. The EPP Guide Training Program is not in lieu of certification. Internationally recognized training programs are also being evaluated as we emerge into new markets.

Q: I have taken all of the required courses for certification through The Enneagram Institute (EI) or The Narrative Enneagram (TNE), but I have not yet completed my certification. Am I still eligible for the training?

A: We strongly prefer applicants to have completed all of their Enneagram training and certification before applying. In some circumstances, EPP may accept applicants who are completing portions of their certification concurrently due to scheduling circumstances.  

Q: Are there scholarships available for this training?

We occasionally have stipends and/or loans offered by donors and sponsors to help make training more affordable for those with more limited financial resources. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Q: Are there payment plans available for this program?

A: Yes, participants may pay tuition up front, or make three monthly installments via credit card Payment-in-full must be made prior to the in-person practicum.  Contact Rick Olesek at [email protected] for payment.

Q: Will EPP Ambassadors be present during this training?

A: Yes, we will be joined by graduates of our in-custody programs, EPP Ambassadors who are on the teacher-track themselves, and others who will support EPP in assessing an EPP Guides’ readiness for in-prison apprenticeships.

Q: What happens after this training? Will I be able to teach for EPP?

A:  Upon completion of this training participants will be evaluated for readiness to apprentice with EPP in a prison/jail classroom where EPP is contracted to program. In some cases, participants will be “certified with conditions” when more training may be recommended before apprenticeship begins.

Q: What is an “EPP Apprentice?” How long does someone apprentice before they are able to become an EPP Guide?

A: The EPP Apprentice role is designed to support a modulated transition for participants from the training program into the EPP Guide role where they are solely responsible for EPP students and the management of the class. Some EPP Apprentices have required and/or requested more than one 8-week session of EPP classes in order to make this transition before having demonstrated readiness and felt their own confidence to hold a classroom on their own. For most, the apprenticeship period provides a reassuring transition where apprentices can co-teach with an existing EPP Guide who acts as a touchstone for guides-to-be as they become comfortable with the EPP curriculum and the prison/jail environment. Our goal is for the EPP Apprenticeship to be completed within two 8-week programming cycles in jail/prison.

Q: Are EPP Guides paid?

A: This work is a labor of love AND our philosophy is to pay EPP Guides for their services. EPP Guides are independent contractors who invoice EPP monthly for their services at a contracting rate determined by EPP commensurate with local costs of living and are reimbursed for mileage. Completing the EPP training does not constitute a guarantee that consultants will be retained by EPP.

EPP Apprenticeships are unpaid.

Successful completion of the EPP-GTP training does make consultants eligible for dispatching by EPP into institutions where EPP programs, however, completion of the EPP-GTP is not a guarantee of retainment. Contracting as an EPP Guide is determined based on programming needs, and scheduling compatibility.

Q: Does EPP provide insurance?

A: No. As independent consultants, EPP Guides must provide proof of liability insurance.

Q: What if EPP is not programming in a facility near me? Should I wait to take this training?

A: Currently EPP has more demand for our programs than resources and we have every intention to scale. The EPP GTP is designed to support the scaling of our programs into new facilities who are offering in-custody programming as well as reentry services both here in the United States and internationally. EPP is in the process of identifying and establishing new institutions in which to program. We will prioritize training spots based on emerging market space to meet our demand for trained guides. Once we have established a new chapter presence, we encourage people to complete the training in order to make themselves available as a future resource for EPP to dispatch to a new or existing facility. In most cases, it is not practical to take the EPP GTP until we have a chapter presence and viable local programs requiring programming support.

Q: What if there is not a prison/jail offering EPP programs near me?

A: If there are no facilities near you that are currently programming with EPP, we can consider reaching out to local resources to facilitate bringing EPP to your area. Please contact Rick Olesek at [email protected] to learn more about this.

Q: How do I become a Chapter Leader?

A: Please contact Rick Olesek at [email protected] in order to see about starting an EPP Chapter in your area.

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