What our Correctional Facility Partners Have to Say about EPP...

Listen to EPP's vision along side those EPP is working hand-in-hand with, the openhearted, dedicated program managers and decision makers located in various correctional facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Willing to pioneer the implementation of "Enneagram-based" curriculum as a new part of their rehabilitation programs, these correctional facilities have stepped forward as leaders in their field on the mission to criminal reform over punishment, which is the new 21st Century paradigm taking shape in today's world both politically as well as ethically.

What Members of the Enneagram Community Have to Say...

David Daniels, MD >>

Russ Hudson >>

Mario Sikora >>

Claus Roager Olsen >>

Rick Benson >>

Leslie Hershberger >>

Maria José Munita >>

Roxanne Howe Murphy >>

Jan Misch >>

CJ Fitsimmons >>

Deborah Ooten >>

To purchase the EPP presentation mentioned in these VOICES OF THE VILLAGE endorsement videos, click here for IEA Conference Recordings website (Susan Olesek IEA-13-312). The presentation includes indepth panel interviews with both Elam Chance and Clay Tumey, two formely incarcerated individuals who studied the Enneagram with Susan Olesek prior to their release.

Working together we can make a much-needed difference.

It really will take a village, and we believe we have one...