Introducing EPP's Ambassador Program

Spokespersons, Up-and-coming EPP Inspirers:
A New Paradigm in Giving Back

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The EPP Ambassador Program is a fellowship program that provides three different paths for the formerly incarcerated to continue their love of self-learning and growth, and contribute within EPP. These paths are made available based on the needs and interests of the ambassadors themselevs, and include becoming either an EPP Spokesperson, an EPP Teacher/Teacher’s Assistant (certiification with one of EPP's recognized Enneagram schools is necessary), and/or as an EPP Ambassador in Service.

Why Ambassadors Are So Important to EPP

Ambassadors are the hope that the Enneagram system works as a map for self-study, self-development, and self-awareness for incarcerated populations; these individuals provide an essential validation of EPP's Programs and curriculum and hopeful vision. By the sharing of personal “testimony” as to how EPP, and specifically the Enneagram system as a map for self-assessment, mindfulness centering practices, and somatic awareness methods have effectively influenced their path to self-understanding and their potential for emotional healing.

EPP Ambassadors are the most powerful voice available to substantiate EPP’s committment to teaching it's flagship eight- to twelve-week programs in every prison and jail across the United States and even, globally. Ambassadors also serve as consultants to EPP, thanks to their unique and life-lived perspective on the environmental challenges of learning this material and becoming self­-disclosing while in prison or jail. An ambassador’s experiences ­ from incarceration to release ­ provide EPP with a rich perspective, one that is able to contribute to the further development and effectiveness of EPP’s programs, keeping us relevant in meeting the needs of the population that which we aim to serve.

Ambassadors are invaluable in the vetting of new EPP Ambassadors, in supporting EPP Teachers on the inside, and/or speaking on behalf of EPP, nationwide and worldwide on occasion as well.

True Inspirations

Men like Clay Tumey and Elam Chance, Victor Soto, Alex Senegal, Jeff Limon, Willy Williams, Chad Christ, Diem Ho and several others, who have taken the Enneagram teaching to heart, are the future of the Enneagram Prison Project. They have expressed a tenacity for self-inquiry, they “did their time” and are hard at work figuring out what got them to prison in the first place. If this only lowered the recidivism rate, their efforts would be absolutely worthwhile, but these guys also now bring a level of credibility to EPP that is simply rocket fuel. They are the hope, and, as such, they are an invaluable asset to our organization

Working together, we can make a much needed difference.